Teaching is central to my identity as a scholar, and I bring experience, enthusiasm, and creativity to the classroom. Below is a list of courses I have taught, with links to the most recent syllabus for each. 

Courses Taught

Brigham Young University 

HIST 205: Intro to Family History
[Syllabus forthcoming]
HIST 206R: African-American Family History
[Syllabus forthcoming]
HIST 220: U.S. History to 1877
HIST 366: History of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa and the Atlantic World
HIST 371: Revolutionary America
HIST 390: Missions and Missionaries in American History
HIST 421: English Language Paleography
[Syllabus forthcoming]
HIST 490: Religious Encounters
REL C324: History of the Doctrine & Covenants

College of William & Mary

HIST 121: American History to 1877

Resources + Links

The Unessay 

“Assigning the Unessay in the US Survey,” published at The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History
Sample Unessays (Winter 2017Fall 2017Winter 2018)

Student Podcast: “What’s in a Name? Renaming Squaw Peak”

In fulfillment of a requirement for their “Everything Has a History” assignment (see Hist 220: Summer 2018 syllabus), three students (Charlotte Champenois, Skyler Rushton, and Devin Moffat) researched, recorded, and produced a podcast about the history of “Squaw Peak,” a local mountain peak overlook in Provo, Utah, the controversies surrounding its name, and recent efforts to change it. Drawing on scholarly research regarding Indian place names and interviews with local indigenous peoples and members of the city-appointed commission to rename the site, the students present a short, informative, and thoughtful podcast that connects the past to the present and the class to the community.

Show notes